We are happy to help, if you are an existing customer, please email your order to orders@omegajc.com, you can also fax your order to (212) 921-4202. We do not accept orders over the phone. To ensure the accuracy of your order, we prefer you email or fax us. Please feel free to give us a call and confirm as well.

If you are a new customer, give us a call (212) 921-4200 or send us an introductory email to orders@omegajc.com

If you would like to place a Cad design order, email 3d@omegajc.com

If you would like to place a wax printing order, email your files to printing@omegajc.com. If you would like us to cast the printed wax, just specify the metal in your email.

We are opened Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM.

If you are bringing your own wax, please arrive by 3 pm for casting the following day.

If you are submitting a file to be printed, please submit your file by 10:30 am. If your file needs to be fixed, this may delay your castings an additional day.

If you have a mold, please bring your mold by 2 pm for castings the following day.

We accept returns on our castings returned up to 30 days from the original invoice date as long as the mental is free of solder, rhodium and other contaminants.

On occasion we leave spruses longer on delicate pieces in order to limit damage to the castings during sprue removal, these sprues may be returned for metal credit.

If your cad file is not a closed mesh, it will need to be repaired. If it is a quick fix, we will gladly fix it for no additional cost.

If there are major problems, we will contact you before we moving forward and charge a repair fee.

We do not make edits on customer files other then repairs required to print the file.

If you need changes and we did not make your original file, please contact our CAD department to inquire about a new design.

All files sent for printing are printed in 100% castable wax, which produces the cleanest burnout for the highest quality casting for all metals we cast, including platinum.

If we printed your file, and the casting didn’t come out to our highest standard of quality, we reprint the file at no additional cost to you.

Some of our customers prefer we add a sprue in the file for the cleanest results. We will gladly provide this service for you. As this does take time to do, we charge a small additional labor fee of $5.00 for regular pieces and $10 for more complex pieces that require multiple sprues on a single piece.

If you would like this done with your files, simply specify in your email.

There is no minimum order requirement on an order.

For casting, we charge a labor fee based on the size of the piece and a charge for the metal.

Cad services are priced based on the complexity of the design and start at $275.00. Prices increase with complexity, size, and incorporation of organic structure. We will provide a quote before we begin.

3D Printing is priced based on the volume of the piece, please email your file to printing@omegajc.com for a fast quote.

This depends on the complexity of the design, typical design time can range for 3 business days to 2 weeks. To ensure we are meeting your expectations, we provide a time frame when we are giving a quote.

Our design team can work with you. A rough sketch, reference images, and as much detail as you can provide is all we ask for. We are happy to go back and forth with you to make sure we are turning your ideas into reality.

We ship FedEx Express Saver, 2nd day, and overnight. All packages we ship are fully insured.